Post date: 9/18/13

As you know, I am now a freshman at Copenhagen Business Academy and living in Denmark, so if you are interested, I have made another blog here, where I post everything about starting your life in Denmark. If you are interested in getting to know more about student life here and more, go check it out.
Meanwhile, I wanted to give you a little preview of my new room that I share with Katrina. It is not big, but very comfy and that is quite enough. :) 

Since I don't have any shelves yet, I keep all of my things on a window sill. In the green box I keep all of my accessories. I never thought that I could survive with such few things but I'm doing well and it feels quite nice to start "a new life" and leave some things behind. 

Now, that I have experienced it, I can definitely say that IKEA is the best choice for students. Boy, they have the best prices for everything! For example, when I first moved in, I lived on a simple air mattress. Needless to say that I couldn't get the best sleep and every time I moved, it made loud noises, so sorry, Katrina. haha
So here is my new bed (about 38$!) which I built by myself (new skills, awesome!) and damn it is good! Finally I can get myself comfy and relax after school. :)

We also bought this simple mirror in black which suits the room pretty well and finally we don't have to guess how we look when leaving the house. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below what would you like to know about Denmark. I really enjoy writing these kind of posts so I hope that you can share some ideas with me. 
Stay awesome!