Alexa Chung it Review

Post date: 7/3/14

The simplicity of this book is so refreshing that it is the one thing you would find on my coffee table if I had one.
I received the book last Christmas and only now managed to finish it, but not because it is hard-to-read or has too many pages. The complete opposite. The language Alexa uses in this book is so light that not getting it would be hard to achieve. Whilst reading all of her short thoughts and stories, you will go through tons of selfies, photos of Alexa and her friends, idols and inspirational people.
She tells about how she was figuring out her own personal style, getting dressed in the morning, first interaction with make-up and her obsession with dinosaurs. It's fun to read these things because at the end we are all the same.
If you know who Alexa Chung is, you might know that everything she wears instantly becomes trendy, but while reading this book, I felt like she was my friend and not the ultimate it girl in the fashion community.
If you don't take things too seriously and enjoy bits of comedy in your life, this book for you. Get yourself a copy and have a smile, this book was definitely not made for serious reading.