Black is always a good idea

Post date: 8/28/14

t-shirt : ebay (same here since the original seller has none left); necklace, rings : Gina Tricot; 
shorts : Monki; watch : ebay; bag : Urban Outfitters. 

It is hard to be so into fashion and photography and live without a camera. But I've got my eyes on one, so it's not for long. :) For now I will use my lovely mirror-selfie skills to share everything there is to share. 
But one thing is pretty obvious and that is my obsession with black. And while this outfit might seem so basic, I wanted to point out my black basketball shorts. No, they are not for ballin', they for stylin'. I got them at my all-time favorite store Monki just recently and hands down - they are amazing. The most comfy thing I could imagine. 
Another thing that I absolutely love is my Urban Outfitters bag with cool transparent parts to show-off whatever I carry, hehe. The cool part is that it has a small, removable pouch inside for things that you like to keep private. ;)
I hope you don't mind the quality of photos and stay awesome!